Every child belongs to a family and grows with love,respect and security


“We build families for children in need, we help them shape their own futures, and we share in the development of their communities.”


Our Facilities


The Maseru children’s village has ten family homes, each housing between eight and ten children. Its purpose is to help orphaned and abandoned children in Lesotho regardless of race, nationality and religion by giving them a family, a permanent and a sound basis for family life as well as the best education which is the key to a better future. The Maseru village has three support projects namely: the Kindergarten, the Health Clinic and the Primary school.


The second Children’s Village was officially launched at Moyeni, Quthing by His Majesty in 2010. The village comprise of twelve family houses and a kindergarten with capacity of 100 children.Quthing village is running a Family Strengthening Programme with the aim of addressing the situation of orphaned and vulnerable children who are still under the care of their parents or caregivers.


The SOS Children’s Villages of Lesotho was initiated in the early 1990’s. Lesotho, like many countries of the world, has a growing number of orphaned, abandoned and neglected children. These children are left without a home and family to care for and love them. Armed with the SOS principles of family, home caring and sharing, representatives of SOS Kinderdorf International visited Lesotho to determine the need for a Children’s Village and the feasibility of establishing one.

Our Strategy

Ensuring our own alternative care programmes are integrated into the community..

 Increasing our efforts to prevent the loss of care.

Improving their care and employability.

Increasing our advocacy impact and giving a stronger voice to children.

Sharing our experience and knowledge with partners.

Continuing efforts to improve our own efficiency.

Raising more money to allow us to carry out our vital mission.


This is some of the gallery of SOS children’s village both in our operational areas(Maseru and Quthing). This is to show the impact , smiles, happiness and comfort we bring to our children through our work.

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